The Best Window Styles for Each Room

  The Best Window Styles for Each Room

Each style of window you choose for your home will naturally vary on the circumstances and preferences of the people living in it. However, there is a general set of styles that tend to work best with the functionality of a home’s main living spaces.

Bathroom Installing a bathroom window in your home is important not only for ventilation of healthy air, but also to bring in sunlight. In a space such as the bathroom where dampness and high moisture collection is prevalent, a single-hung or double-hung window style is always a solid go-to choice. These are great because the sashes are simple to open for airflow and are generally sized in a way that adds sufficient light without sacrificing privacy. Skylights are also popular choices as they lend a natural overview of the sky, which can be a nifty way to check the weather for the forthcoming day. For privacy purposes, aim to install your windows near the top of a wall; you may also want to consider adding blinds or draperies.

Living Room The style of window for your living room will depend on the room’s location in relation to the rest of the house, how much privacy you prefer, and the amount of airflow that you would like to circulate the area. Spaces with elegant, scenic views will benefit by a large arrangement of picture or bay and bow window styles. Though you cannot open picture windows, they make up for this by letting in pleasant sunlight and providing spacious viewpoints to observe what is going on outside. Bay and bow windows promote a similar view as the picture style, but are divided into sections and have the option to provide ventilation.

Kitchen Casement windows are excellent in their ability to control ventilation with the ease of a crank, all from one side. A popular place for casement windows is above the sink, making for a prime source for natural breezes to fill your home and filter out any strong, lingering smells from the kitchen. Other widely-used styles for the kitchen are garden windows, horizontal sliding windows, and the double-hung window (which is probably the most versatile style available).

Bedroom When it comes to humid summer nights or brisk winters, the type of window style you choose is essential. Options such as double-hung and casement are simple yet functional for ventilation and proper lighting. Skylights, if positioned correctly, can be a sleek way to let natural light and airflow pour in.