A Look at Your Bathroom Window Design Options

Although a little privacy is warranted, your bathroom needs a beautiful, energy efficient window as much as any other room in your home. However, your bathroom replacement window options may be a little different than what you may find in a living room or bedroom. Here’s a look at some different designs to consider when choosing a replacement window for your bathroom.

Small and Bright
Typically, bathroom windows are designed to restrict visibility from the outside, while still allowing for natural light to flow into the room. One style that meets both of these requirements is the small-but-bright option for bathroom windows. Smaller casement windows and porthole windows, for example, can allow adequate natural light into your bathroom without exposing the room to the outdoors. High placement of these small windows can further enhance bathroom privacy.

Wide Open Windows
Alternatively, some homeowners will prioritize the aesthetic appeal of floor-to-ceiling or large cathedral windows over their desire for privacy. These replacement windows let in much more light, and can incorporate decorative muntins for added effect. In more modern homes, wall-to-wall windows are very common and create a simple, minimalist feel while also capitalizing on natural light.

Custom Glass Options
No matter what size of window you choose, customized glass will help to enhance privacy without turning your bathroom into a dark cave. Etched and grooved glass, textured glass, and gray or frosted glass can allow light into your bathroom while obscuring who or what is inside. These options make it easy to get the look you want in your bathrooms while maintaining your privacy.

For more information on your bathroom window options, contact the replacement window professionals at Wallside Windows of Michigan. We custom build every window that leaves our factory, and provide custom installation services with a 35-year warranty. Call (313) 908-5243 to learn about the range of window options for bathrooms we have available.