Understanding the Energy Efficiency of Your Window Frame Options

Michiganders are no strangers to the vast temperature extremes of the Midwest. Year after year, we endure frigid winters and humid summers, making it a challenge to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures at an affordable price. The key to maintaining indoor comfort is choosing the right type of window frame to seal in the heat or cold in your home. Here’s how different window frame materials stack up in energy efficiency and comfort. Aluminum Window Frames Although aluminum is cheap and durable, it is a very rapid conductor of heat. This makes it the least ideal material for window frame construction, particularly in the Metro Detroit area where the temperature fluctuates so much throughout the year. If you have aluminum windows in your home, you’ll notice a dramatic difference in indoor comfort, humidity, and energy savings by installing new non-metal replacement windows.

Wood Window Frames Wood windows are very popular throughout Michigan, and can be found in many different shapes and styles. Although they can be very attractive, wooden frames expand and contract very easily with changes in temperature. This can cause seasonal water and air leaks, poor performance in high humidity, and lots of energy inefficiency. A great alternative to traditional wood window frames are vinyl window frames with wood interior trim for a more traditional look.

Vinyl Windows Frames One of the most energy efficient and affordable window options available in Michigan is vinyl replacement windows. Combined with Low-E glass, argon gas insulation, and Wallside Windows’s Intercept Spacer System, vinyl replacement windows can dramatically reduce air seepage between your home’s interior and exterior, resulting in more comfortable indoor temperatures, less wasted energy, and greater cost savings. Plus, vinyl windows are also long lasting, making them a worthwhile investment in your home that’ll last for decades.

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