All About Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular choices for replacement windows. They combine sleek simplicity with unmatched weatherproofing. They’re easy to open and clean, and allow for adding or removing screens with the changing seasons. Casement windows are convenient, versatile, and virtually maintenance free. Here are some of the different types of casement replacement windows:

  • Single Casement: As one of the simplest and most basic casement windows, these hinge on either the left or right side and can be installed with various configurations. Like all casement replacement windows, they seal tightly for excellent weatherproofing and insulation.
  • Double Casement: Double casement replacement windows are a popular choice, offering easy access for opening and closing.
  • End-vent Casement: This type of replacement window allows a great deal of light into a room while adding to your home’s curb appeal with its clean, contemporary design. In this design, two casement windows with full functionality flank a central picture window.
  • Awning Casement: Awning casement windows hinge at the top, tilting open at the bottom about 30 degrees. These are a great way to allow ventilation and keep the elements out.
  • Transom Casement: These replacement windows combine a fixed picture window with an awning-style casement window. The picture window can either be on the top or the bottom. This style of window allows for optimal light, a great view, and a pleasant breeze.

For top-quality casement windows, call Wallside Windows. Almost all of our casement windows shut with a triple-latch system that compresses the weather-stripping around the window for a truly tight seal. If you have window treatments like blinds or drapery, the handles can fold flat so they stay out of the way. The casement window is an example of how simplicity can be the most outstanding in function and aesthetic. Visit our website to find out more about our windows and installment services, or give us a call at 313-292-4400.