Three Energy-Saving Household Appliances

  Three Energy Saving Household Appliances

Beyond practicing energy-efficient behaviors such as washing your clothes in cold water and curbing the time spent in the shower, there are upgrades you can make to worn out home devices that, in the long run, can trim substantial amount of financial fat from your energy bills. If your fuel bill has been rising and you’ve been meaning to take action against it, it may be high time to upgrade to some of these technologies listed below.

Alternatives to Incandescent Light Bulbs In addition to the duration of time you leave your lights on, the amount of energy your household expends is dependent on the light bulbs that you use. If you are currently stocked with incandescent bulbs, you may want to consider making a switch as they are reportedly known for wasteful energy consumption and leaving an adverse environmental imprint. In recent years, LED and CFL models have surfaced and served as successful substitutions with superior efficiency ratings while also meeting eco-friendly standards.

High Performance Replacement Windows According to EnergyStar, “as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.” While also considering the major role Windows play in a home’s insulation, it’s clear how high of a priority it is to maintain proper upkeep of your windows. To do so, search for gaps in the frames, cracks, or models that are outdated; you find your windows are weathered or have reached an age they should probably be replaced (15-20 for vinyl), you will want to ensure your next set of replacement windows meets contemporary efficiency standards. Wallside Windows specializes in replacement windows that are designed with low e-glass, have dual panes, and are constructed with warm-edge stainless steel spacers that promote optimal insulation.

Programmable Thermostat The advent of programmable thermostats allows homeowners to control their heating and air conditioning while away at work or while running errands. Some models facilitate built-in alert systems that give you a heads up when it’s time to change your air filter and can also be calibrated with your smartphone. Additionally, some designs are capable of adjusting to fluctuations in humidity and other swings in weather so you can rest easy while your home’s climate is properly regulated.