Three Factors to Consider When Purchasing Vinyl Replacement Windows

  Three factors to consider when purchasing vinyl replacement windows

When shopping for a new car, there's a general set of questions everyone asks to evaluate each prospective car’s quality: the gas mileage, engine, color, etc. With windows, there are a similarly high number of factors to consider when in the midst of the purchasing process. We have compiled a comprehensive list of three essential features to consider when deciding on the type of window specifications that best accommodate your needs.

1.) The Climate You Live In The climate you live in has a direct impact on the frequency that you run your heat and air conditioning - which, as a result, impacts your energy bill. If you live in a predominantly cold climate, you may want to consider Wallside's windows, which are designed with a warm-edge stainless steel spacer and dual-pane insulated glass to prevent heat from escaping your house. Those with harshly frigid weather conditions may want to consider three-pane glass windows, which offer even greater energy-saving benefits in addition to a reduction in external noise disturbances.

2.) Privacy & Surroundings There’s a cost and benefit to the size and placement of each window. It’s a luxury to feel the sunlight pour through a large open window in your living room, but is it worth the lack of privacy that comes with it? This is usually a quick fix with the add-on of curtains or blinds, but this might not be an option for very large windows. Thus, when installing new windows, you will want to take into account the size and placement of them in relation to the exposure they offer the outside public.

3.) Functionality & Style There is a vast number of window styles to choose from for your home. So, how to know which style to use? Many times, the decision is contingent on the way a design works with the environment surrounding your house. For instance, if there’s a room that overlooks a scenic landscape, you would probably want to go with a bay window, which offers a wider, grander panorama than the traditional single-hung window. Other features to analyze and look out for include:

  • Airflow
  • Quality of light filtering (the amount of light they let in)
  • Energy performance ratings
  • A soundproof feature

After assessing the weather you face year-round, the amount of privacy you prefer, and the design and features you ultimately wish your windows to have, you are bound to have greater satisfaction than you would have had by just going out on a limb.