The Art of Soundproofing Your Home

Guy plugging his hear because of loud noises. Whether you live in a city, suburb, or rural community, noises from outside are a constant burden at all times of the day. Just when you think you’re going to get a good night’s rest, your neighbor decides it’s time to jam out or a family member begins to blare the television.  Although not all of us may share the same circumstances, we most likely experience a similar noise annoyance from in our outside our house. Listed below are some of the most effective solutions to take when it comes to soundproofing your house..

Re-seal your Windows After constantly being exposed to storms and other adverse weather conditions, window seals begin to wither and sink in value. Use silicone caulk to fill gaps and apertures around your window’s frame; this will ensure that both drafts and noise are impeded from traveling into your home. However, if your window frames are beaten with cracks and require over-the-top maintenance, it may be time to install new replacement windows.

Noise Control Draperies A plentiful variety of soundproof curtain manufacturers exist across the web. These companies specialize imbue curtains, draperies, or blinds with leading noise-reduction technologies so that your home is shielded from unwanted clatter while simultaneously retaining the fashionable look and light-blocking functionality of regular window treatments.

Padded Carpeting or Underlayment Due to low cost in pricing or a focus on fashion, there are a lot of carpets out there don’t hit the mark in insulating noise. If you enjoy the look and feel of your current carpet but are having issues with noise, consider investing in carpet padding or underlayment; generally constructed from foam material, these work in a way that lighten the external spread of audio from devices such as radio and television so that it’s contained within a room (your roommates will thank you). Although these are effective in all livings spaces, they are especially handy when it comes to apartment or condo owners who want to be mindful of their noise output.

Acoustic Foam Panels This mainly applies to those who record music or podcasts in their home. Whether you record in a home studio or a small room, having a soundproof interior furnished with soundproofing equipment is key to clear, quality audio. After purchasing your acoustic panels—which can be found at your local hardware store or around the web—the next step is to discover the areas in the room that bounces the soundwaves around the room in a way that makes it overlap and degrade quality. Place the panels at these locations so that a maximum amount of reverberation is absorbed into them. Also, take into consideration the room’s size, design, and the placement of your speakers or the source of where the sound is produced from; this is important so you know the size and optimal location to diffuse the waves.

Hedging and Shrubbery There’s no better defense against exterior noise pollution than large bushes and plants. Look into tall, thick hedges and year-round bushes around the perimeter of your home (next to the street, if possible). Not only does your home benefit from a plunge in annoying noise, new landscaping also increases its curb appeal and privacy.