Turn Your Home Into an Eco-Friendly Zone

Hand holding miniature home made of plants. Whether your aim is to save the rain forest or you just want to trim down that energy bill, one thing is the same for both goals: results don't come in just one day. Turning your home into an environmental savvy zone requires time, patience, and readjustment in small (but important!) daily habits.  To reduce energy waste and promote a green living space - not to mention chiseling down that electric bill - take heed of the tips provided below.

If You're Not Using It, It Shouldn't Be On Many common household gadgets are energy vampires. Cut down on unnecessary output by unplugging devices after they’re charged; laptops, desktops, and smartphones are huge here. Switch off radios, light fixtures, TVs, video game consoles, and cooking equipment when there’s no one around to use them. This sounds like common sense but it’s an unfortunate habit for many of us.

Waste Bin Convenience Everyone, for the most part, has experienced this situation. You finish a soda or canned beverage, but there’s no recycling container in sight—just the regular trash bin. You want to recycle, but aren’t exactly on board with wandering around with a sticky, empty can for an unsaid amount of minutes until you find the proper place to stash it. While at home, this scenario can be easily solved by implementing separate recycling bins for plastic, cardboard, and glass materials of all sizes (within means).

Windows: Are They Sealed? If your window seals are worn and letting air slip in and out of your home, action should be taken promptly. Either seal the gap yourself or contact Wallside Windows to speak with a professional and get your windows back up to speed.Solving air leakages from window complications can do wonders to insulate your home and conserve both heat and air conditioning.

Choice of Light Bulb Model Opt for CFL or LED light bulb models to light your homes. As it’s now known, incandescent bulbs are both less efficient and eco-friendly than the alternative styles mentioned above.

Plants Though their impact is subtle, incorporating plants into a living space is a hugely underrated way to circulate inside quarters with pure, natural air. Find a plant that complements your interior design and can generate an ample amount of fresh air.

Harness the Sun with Solar Power Investing in solar panel technology can, in the long haul, take a serious chunk out of your energy bill. As far as being eco-friendly goes, substituting gas or electric energy for sun power can make an immense difference by doing away with externalities such as carbon emissions, smog, and acid rain.

Energy-Efficient Windows Give your windows an inspection. Judging by their age and the frequency of repairs they've required as of late, it may be time for new replacement windows. Get a free estimate from Wallside Windows to learn about how they use heating spacers and e-glass in their window's designs for optimal insulation.