What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Picture of house written in chalk detailing "energy efficiency." When it comes to energy bills, the quality of your home windows are usually one of the first things that comes to mind. We break down what makes a window an effective insulator and what you can do to ensure your windows have these qualities.

Quality of Installation The contractor that installs your replacement windows plays a pivotal role in their functionality and longevity. Improper installation could lead to gaps, air leakages, and an outright crooked look that could severely decrease your home’s curb appeal. At Wallside Windows, window installation is our second nature. With over 70+ years of experience in custom-designing vinyl windows in our own factory and working with Michigan homeowners, we know how to do it right. After a free in-home estimate, we'll come to you and ensure a job well-done by checking:

  • Functionality (ease of open and shut)
  • Removal of old windows
  • Thorough clean up
  • Add extra sealing defense with insulation foam and energy-efficient caulk

Grade of Glass In recent years, window insulation technology has made amazing advances. The glass is a key component to the conductivity and energy efficiency of a window. Window glass is rated by its U-factor, which, in short, gauges its ability to protect a home from absorbing external heat while preserving the energy produced inside. Wallside Windows adds Low-E coating to its windows to ensure a balanced home climate throughout all of Michigan’s seasons.

Single, Double, or Triple Pane The number of panes—a.k.a. sheets of glass—a window uses is correlated to amount of insulation it provides. Double planes are widely renowned for their affordability and energy preservation whereas triple panes, which teeter are on the pricier side, offer an even greater protection.

Type of Frame Each style of window frame offers a unique insulation capacities. Wallside Windows prides itself on offering vinyl window frames due to its ability to provide strong insulation armor throughout the seasons while also considering customers’ financial needs.