Best Movie Scenes with Windows

A bag of popcorn with a movie ticket. Spanning from eerie horror flicks, classic thrillers, to Christmas comedies, there are numerous instances in movie history where windows take the stage as key points of the plot. Keeping this in mind, we ranked the top scenes where windows steal the show on the big screen. Take a look below:

Rear Window (1954) As the title implies, windows are the cornerstone of this thriller. The plot goes like this: an injured photographer is stuck at home with more than enough time on his hands; so, he spends his time cracking a local community mystery by spying into a suspicious neighbor’s windows.

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007) Charlie Wilson’s War documents the real-life events of Congressman Charlie Wilson and the tangled political drama he gets caught in. A memorable scene of the film exhibits the rage of a flustered CIA Officer (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) who takes out his anger by destroying an office window.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) It’s A Wonderful Life is one of America’s most cherished Christmas classics. To our dismay, in a famous scene, the protagonist chucks a stone through an abandon home’s window in hopes that doing so will make a wish come true (we don’t recommend this).

The Karate Kid (1985) In this 80s feel-good classic, a karate student under the tutelage of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi, learns martial arts while also experiencing the growing pains of teenage-hood. In a heated scene between Mr. Miyagi and a cocky fighter, Miyagi dodges a Karate jab, sending the fighter’s fist straight through a car window - ouch!

The Kid (1921) The Kid is a silent dramedy starring Charlie Chaplin. Recognized around the globe as one of the most important films ever made, it also happens to contain an iconic scene involving none other than, you guessed it, windows! The clip shows a child recklessly hurl stones through windows (what’s up with this trend?) - once again, not a venture we condone. Watch the classic reel below.

Home Alone (1990) A clever eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) repurposes his home into a burglar trap zone in this definitive Christmas flick. Midway through the film, one of the burglars manages to sneak into the home by opening a window - but does so at a price. After hopping through the frame, he steps barefooted onto glass christmas ornaments (expertly placed by Kevin).  Remember to give your windows regular check-ups to make sure they’re in good shape and able to securely close.

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