Three Reasons Homes Need Windows

Large, expansive windows with cherry wood floor. Homes are dependent on windows in an inordinate amount of ways. If you think about it, without windows, our homes would suffer from a huge loss in curb appeal, natural sunlight, and ventilation. Let’s look into it a bit further...

 Interior Design & Curb Appeal Opportunities The first impression you have of a home is determined by a set number of qualities such as the curb appeal and general size. Among these, windows are one of the foremost defining features. Solely keeping visual aesthetic in mind, a lack of windows would yield a bland, singular look defined by no more than just the siding, shake, or brick. Windows provide room for creative embellishment, which can be experimented with in multiple ways. This can be done by the window frame, style, shutters, and placement of the window.

  • Window frames don a distinguished texture, color, and design that can make a home’s exterior pop. For example, a home with beige siding could be complemented by adorning a vanilla color window frame.
  • Installing a large picture window in the right spot can serve as a crafty yet sharp way of showcasing your home’s interior features, such as a chandelier hung above a front door.
  • Design-wise, shutters offer the same decor opportunities that window frames do; implementing replacement windows with a custom-sized pattern, size, and color is a natural, chic way to beautify your home’s exterior look.

We Need them for Sunlight Try as we might to escape the sun during a scorching hot day or the wee hours of the morning, we need it to survive. This is where windows come in; they are the gatekeepers to our home’s source of sunlight - you have to get that Vitamin D somewhere! Let’s not forget plants; they need sunlight, thus depend on windows for their survival. Lastly, our electric bills would be through the roof if it wasn’t for the portals of light we call “windows” - not to mention too much indoor lighting can cause quite a headache.

Healthy Natural Air You know how a room gets stuffy when the door is shut for a lengthy stretch of time?  Well, imagine a house like that. It’d be awful! Once again, windows swoop in to save the day by allowing fresh air flow into a home. When air collects in a living space without any way of escape, its sense of freshness stagnates. Thanks to windows, we are able to balance our indoor-dominated lives with refreshing breezes and natural temperature regulation.