Jazz up Your Basement

Finished basement with black leather furniture. Often times, our main floor living spaces are cramped with furniture and material goods - so much so it makes us consider, “maybe I should finish my basement…” If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to once and for all give your basement the remodeling it deserves. Before you get started, parse through some ideas we’ve put together to get your inspiration flowing.

Build your own bar Nothing brings people together more than a posh new bar to relax around. Consider a large, L-shaped bar nestled in the corner. These are great for bringing large groups of people  together and stimulate conversations - while other, traditional-shaped bars donning a single front-side offer a more quaint look. Along with housing refreshments, another nifty perk to a basement bar is the option of installing a tiny refrigerator beneath it to store snacks and soft drinks. With the right instruction, building a bar is a very doable undertaking that can add some serious lasting value to your basement.

Install a Doorwall Implementing a sliding glass doorwall into your basement promotes easy, accessible access to your backyard. Basement doorwalls go hand in hand with houses positioned near a lakefront or those with a backyard patio. If you’re interested in installing a new doorwall, contact Wallside Windows to schedule a free estimate and learn the many ways our custom-built doorwalls can enhance your home.

Exercise Room The basement is the most ideal workout zone due to it facilitating the most privacy, meaning it allows the lowest chance of interruption or distraction from others. To create an exercise room, first designate a space that wouldn’t result in floor damage by fallen heavy weights - like tile or cement floor. Opt for a room with carpet flooring and lay out a sturdy foam padding for extra protection against damages.

Workbench Similar to a workout station, there’s no more appropriate space for a workbench than the basement. A workbench is a vital addition to any basement; however, unless you have a private room or section to place the workbench, its naturally gruff look may clash with the rest of the basement’s aesthetic. Solve this by constructing a sectioned-off room, which is a project that may take longer than just the weekend - but nonetheless should be worth it with the end results.

Home Office In addition to turning basements into funhouses of entertainment, many people also repurpose them into offices. Make sure your basement internet signal is up to par and to implement lighting fixtures where necessary. Remember, this is where you will be delving into a majority of your work - so it’s essential you’re quartered off from the rest of the home’s raucous activity.

Bathroom Incorporating a bathroom into your basement adds convenience on multiple levels. For large parties or gatherings, an extra bathroom is essential for cutting down on long waiting periods. Additionally, another perk of a bathroom toilet: when the main floor's toilet breaks, it can be a real help to have another functioning one while the other is waiting to be fixed.