Four Questions New Homeowners Should Ask Themselves

Hand receiving key to new home. Purchasing a home for the first time is a daunting feat for anyone. Just when one issue is solved, another seems to pop up out of nowhere. Before you jump on the couch to kick back and enjoy your new home, take a minute to review our list of mishaps that new homeowners normally aren’t quite prepared for. Whether you’ve taken these obstacles into consideration already or it never came to mind until now, it’s good to ask yourself these questions every now and then.

What aspects of the home will require maintenance? The challenges you face in home ownership are unpredictable and possibly beyond your know-how to fix. That’s okay. With time, remedies for home damages are easy to learn; not to mention there’s literally hundreds of how-to videos on the web. However, don’t feel pressured to handle every household mishap yourself; know what’s within your limits and hire an expert when necessary.

Common household repairs to be on the lookout for include: leaky sinks/faucets, running toilets, drafty windows, basement leaks, and more.

What is my financial balance sheet? With a mortgage, energy, electricity, insurance, and numerous other expenses piling up from a million directions, managing bill payments - and knowing where they’re coming from - is more complex than it was in college. This is especially true because of the rare (but still possible) chance of an emergency; it’s absolutely vital to have a thorough understanding of your financial security. Instead of handling it yourself, you may want to hire a personal finance advisor or accountant for professional guidance. These can be a huge advantage to learn about unsuspecting taxes from and strategize savings policies.

Do my windows need to be replaced? Unless your home is brand new, it’s in your best interest to give your windows an inspection. Carefully scan the window frames in search of any obvious gaps, areas that need to be sealed, cracked frames, or any windows that get stuck and won’t open. If you detect issues that cannot be fixed on your own, speak with a professional at Wallside to learn about our custom-built, vinyl replacement windows and how we can help install them in your home. Windows are essential not only to a home’s curb appeal, but also its insulation - which directly correlates to the energy bill.

What does my homeowners insurance policy cover me for? How much money does it cover me for? You never know what could happen to your home. Run through worst-case scenarios, such as heavy interior damage due to flooding, and speak with your insurer to find out if you’re covered for them. Before picking an insurance plan - or while looking into new ones - take a long time of contemplation to find the best plan for you. This way, you’ll avoid nightmare situations like finding out you’re not as insured as you thought you were and paying extreme out-of-pocket fees.