How to Improve Lighting in Your Home

How to Improve Lighting in Your Home The way lighting is used in our home impacts the mood, visibility, and quality of the work and activities we do. Consider these techniques below for inspiration on how you can enhance the lighting in your home.

Provide Balance with Table & Floor Lamps It’s not unusual that there may be areas of a room that are noticeably dark when the room's attention is focused in the center around a dining table. Even if there is no furniture, a quick fix to this is add a table or floor lamp in the predominantly dark section of the room. If there is a natural surface or counter to place it, use a table lamp; if not, a floor lamp will work just as well. Additionally, rooms with recliner chairs or couches should have at least one lamp next to them for sufficient visibility.

Introduce Overhead Light Fixtures There are a multitude of overhead light fixtures, each of which shed light in varying directions and volumes. These are three of the most popular lighting fixtures, all of which offer unique functions for directing light.

  • Track lighting: a row of fixtures that hang from a track installed in a ceiling. These specialize in showcasing pottery, artwork, and other decor by distributing light via a row of separate fixtures; best fit for kitchen and living room spaces.
  • Recessed lighting: fixtures installed into the surface of a home’s ceiling; installed with a custom trim. These fixtures offer a sharp glow that can be directed to highlight specific aspects of a home’s interior. Commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls, and workspaces
  • Pendant lighting: Makes for a decorative counterpart to hang above a kitchen table, cooking area, dining table, or any space where a large concentration of light will be needed - areas where conversation and activity are highest.

Dress Your Windows Up Shades, drapes, sheers, and blinds are all practical types of light-limiting decor that can be used to control the lighting in a room. Get creative by combining drapes and shades to maintain multiple variations of lighting and keep pesky glares away from your television or computer.

Set the Mood with a Dimmer Switch Incorporating a dimmer switch to a room is superb way to influence the space’s tone and atmosphere, and can be utilized best for dinner, watching movies with family or friends, and working in office environments. To install a dimmer switch, you will have to replace the basic switch already in place. Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial.


Use Candles for Ambiance Serving a double package of subtle lighting and pleasant fragrances, candles illuminate a minimal amount of the surrounding area they’re placed in and are a top choice when it comes to setting a natural, relaxed mood. Candles are great in calm parts of the house like the bedroom, bathroom, and living room.