How to Use Colors to Your Advantage When Decorating Your Home

How to Use Colors to Your Advantage While Decorating Your Home As studies have shown, different colors can elicit unique human reactions. Before tackling your next redecorating project, it can be of great benefit to brush up on the psychology of colors and learn how they can be utilized to promote wellness in our homes. Take a look at the guide below on how to effectively use colors in the main living spaces of your home and hone in on the role they play in our day-to-day lives.

Living Room Nine times out of ten, people go to the living room to relax. Cater to the laidback atmosphere here by instilling colors that match this relaxed vibe. Green is a color renowned for being a calming mood-neutralizer that people have surrounded themselves with for centuries because of its tranquil-provoking benefits. Balance green with other earthy tones such as tan and grey to create an earthy, inviting zone where friends, family, and new guests can all together feel at home.

 Kitchen Hues of red, yellow, and orange are among the most popular colors to garnish a kitchen in. Although potentially intimidating due to its striking presence, reds are enjoyed because of the sense of vitality, strength, and passion it naturally instills. Pale yellows are valued for emitting a warm, revitalizing glow and for raising self-esteem levels, which might not be a bad option considering it’s the first place we start our day. Alternatively, peach colors nurture feel-good energies such as joy and creativity.

 Bedroom The bedroom is your personal dojo to unwind, so it’s essential to furnish it with none other than peaceful, relaxing qualities. While reds and yellows are empowering, they may not provide the appropriate mood for a space like the bedroom where winding down is top priority. Instead, narrow your selection to tones that make you feel safe. Subtle shades of blue are excellent at achieving this; also, diversification is key so make sure to incorporate other harmonious elements such as creamy whites, soft greys, and a gentle black.

 Dining Room The dining room is all about connection and conversation. Blue is the color of clarity and communication, thus is an effective choice for encouraging honesty in family discussions. Another renowned preference is orange, as it is a powerful in eliciting pleasure and high-spirits.

Bathroom Generally, the bathroom is the only other private quarters in a house other than the bedroom. Taking the role of where we bathe and freshen ourselves up, a fresh and wholesome tonality is most appropriate whereas dark, intense shades should be done without. Overall, a “clean” ambiance that complements the room’s essence is the most fitting approach to picking your bathroom’s coloration.