Simple Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Simple Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal Your home’s exterior is the first impression a passerby has of it. The display of the landscape, shrubbery, lighting display, and numerous other additions have a significant impact on a home’s value. Commonly deemed “curb appeal,” the importance in performing regular upkeep of a house’s outward appearance cannot be overstated; it is a major component to what prospective buyers take into account when searching for a new residence. Keeping this in mind, you may want to consider these additions to sharpen your curb appeal:

Build a Pathway Nothing says “inviting” like a smoothly paved walkway leading up to a front door. Capitalize on this by installing one at your home, too. Consult a guide online to find the right materials and build one yourself -- or, hire a professional for projects with heavy materials or a yard with complex conditions to work around.

Groom Your Lawn A lawn with a trimmed, vibrant sea of grass will always benefit a home’s look. Be sure to maintain regular maintenance so that it is properly mowed, fertilized, edged, watered, and free of any invasive weeds.

Install Replacement Windows In addition to the energy savings to be had, replacing dated windows can make a huge difference on your home’s exterior appearance. Installing new, energy efficient windows will greatly improve your home’s value and add a polished touch to its curb appeal.

A Little Mulch Never Hurt Anybody In addition to the rich look it offers, mulch is extremely helpful to the health of a yard’s plants, soil, and shrubbery. It prevents weeds from sprouting and encapsulates essential rain and precipitation so that the surrounding environment has a balanced amount of moisture to sustain itself. Additionally, there is a wide array of textures that mulch comes in, each of which fosters a unique aesthetic and set of functions with bark chips, grass clippings, and shredded wood known to be traditional favorites.

Dapper up Your Garage Door Depending on its location in relation to the street view, the garage door can play a crucial role in your home’s curb appeal. Though it usually isn’t the first item on the renovations to-do list, there’s no reason it should be left unnoticed. To revamp your garage doors, your best bet will be to work with a contractor who specializes in the craft; work with the professional so that the remodeled look complements the theme and design of your home. The price of a garage makeover varies depending on the extent of the restoration (materials used and sophistication of design), but it’s safe to say that an average job will most likely have you spending a few hundred dollars.

Other Ideas to Consider: - Add a reading bench (placed under a tree for shade, if possible) - Plant shrubbery and flowers with vibrant colors