Maintenance Tips for Vinyl Windows

Maintenance Tips for Vinyl Windows Well-kept windows are essential for maintaining proper visibility and a fresh curb appeal for your home. Although vinyl windows are excellent at enduring tough weather of all kinds, they can still get dirty and are prone to repair from time to time. Read below for some tips on how to properly keep your windows nice and clean.

Inspection The first question you may ask yourself is how often you should conduct maintenance for your windows. Although there is no set standard, it never hurts to give them a checkup every season – so about four times a year. When it comes to cleaning the windows, however, the best way to ensure a consistently shining look is to wash them every two weeks (on the interior, at least).

Sealing Gaps It’s very important to check the frame for any areas that look like they need to be sealed. If you’ve experienced any new drafts, a gap could be the culprit. This will want to be handled as soon as possible because air leakages will raise your energy bill. To combat this, inspect the area where the glass pane meets the frame and fill any gaps you detect with caulk.

Scrub Window Panes Equip yourself with a scrubber, warm bucket of water, cleaning solution, roll of paper towel, and a squeegee for gunk that is tough to remove. Tilt the sash in a position that makes scrubbing most convenient, remembering to dry with a paper towel afterward.

Exterior Rinse A hose is an effective tool for spraying away buildups of dirt and grit on the exterior of your windows. Also, be careful not to spray too hard as this could possibly damage the window.