Six Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen Decor

Six Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen Decor The kitchen is the central part of any home. It’s where we cook, eat, and enjoy conversation. Because of this, it deserves to be a place of comfort and joy. Equally important, it should reflect who we are. Take a look through these six kitchen renovation tips to feed your inspiration, get the creative juices flowing, and assist you in your kitchen makeover.

Remodel the Flooring Day and night, the kitchen is the hub of constant hustle and bustle. This is why it’s crucial to pick a durable material that can sustain the recurring hullabaloo. Limestone and granite, though expensive, offer a firm yet sophisticated veneer that is easy to pair with other decor. Alternative materials such as ceramics are more traditionally used as they are known for being reasonably priced and come in a wide selection of styles. Another classic but still elegant option is wood flooring, which exudes a rich warmth that can serve as a beautiful contrast to its neighboring fittings.

Try Out Some Backsplash Tile If you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen really pop on an eye-level perspective, installing stylish backsplash tile in your kitchen - especially around the sink and stove -  is one of the surest ways to go about it. There are hundreds of surfaces with beautiful patterns to select from, so you may want to flip through a catalog and work with a designer to inform yourself of the most suitable options and prices that are available in your area.

Balance the Light Eating breakfast with your eyes uncomfortably scrunched because of bad lighting is something all of us can do without. Counter this by getting a dimmer installed. To up the ante, consider an arrangement of recessed lighting or rows of track lighting positioned around the kitchen’s perimeter to reduce intense glares. This way, daily activities can be happily accomplished without the discomfort of an unavoidably bright, centralized source of light. Lastly, installing a skylight or a casement window above the kitchen sink is a great way to bring in natural light and air ventilation; if interested about window installation opportunities, feel free to contact Wallside either by phone or email for any window-replacement questions you may have.

Activate Your Green Thumb Who doesn’t like plants? Being a place of recurring activity, the decision to introduce a few of these calming, oxygen-producing machines to your home could only help matters. With the right placement and lighting, household plants bring a subtle, earthy tone to your home’s atmosphere that can be used to offset our technology-dominated dwellings.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Over the past couple decades, engineers have made significant improvements to the functionality and design of sinks. From luxuriously crafted basins, multipurpose mixer faucets, to nifty add-ons, the design aesthetic and usability of sinks have dramatically risen over the past couple of decades. Browse through home remodeling websites or catalogs to gain inspiration for ideas and discern the type of upgrade you’re looking for.

Personalize with a Theme Although it is common for a kitchen to have a matching color scheme, a less-opted method is creating a theme. If done subtly, it can be a great way to bring some character to a room. Homes located on a lakefront or beach coast, for example, are often adorned with a sailboat or fishing theme. One idea is to tailor the theme’s concept to a family interest; a family interested in Hollywood movies, for example, could spruce the kitchen with film-related novelties.