Spruce Up Your Bedroom With These Window Treatments

Window Drapes For years, interior designers have attested to the major influence that a room’s design and color scheme have on people's’ mood and overall well-being. Because of this, it makes sense to give a ample attention to a home’s design and layout. A great way to go about doing so is to garnish the bedroom windows with treatments that complement the existing theme and colors. Get your inspiration flowing with the decorating process by taking heed of the ideas below.

Blinds Adding blinds to your bedroom window provides all-encompassing control over natural lighting to prevent yourself from being awakened by the sun. There are many different types of materials of blinds ranging from wood, plastic, to bamboo. Each of these materials promote a varying degree of light blockage and price range. Additionally, blinds come in horizontal or vertical styles; if you’re worried about cats tampering with them, opt for vertical blinds as cats tend to be less interested in toying with them.

Shades Shades are similar to blinds in their ability to manipulate the inflow of light. With a simple pull of a cord, shades act like a blanket that can scroll up and down. Their sleek appearance is known for exuding a relaxed tone; additionally, they come in a variety of colors and fabrics that can be easily used to match furniture or the color the room is painted in. Bedroom shades are especially useful for accommodating space for a plant to rest window-side while also letting a sufficient amount of light in.

Drapes In all aspects of a home, the drapery renders the most creative freedom to experiment with patterns, fabrics, and color styles. Ranging from lush velvety linens to simple yet firm cottons, there are endless opportunities for beautifying your room with draperies. When using thick, weighty curtains that cover the entire window, exterior sounds - in addition to light - can be cut out to a significant extent.