Red Flags to Watch Out for While House Hunting

Searching for New Home Purchasing a home for the first time is a milestone in any person’s life. It’s a landmark step that signals the progress you have made both mentally and financially. But this doesn’t change the fact that it’s something you’ve never done before. Similar to up-taking any other new venture, it’s best to know the pitfalls to look out for before beginning. It’s for this reason that we’ve assembled a list of red flags to keep an eye out for during your home search. Noticing any of these doesn’t mean you should immediately cease to consider the home you’re looking at - yet they are still very important to be aware of for many reasons. Read below to learn more.

Insufficient Space How much space do you need to aptly accommodate all of your goods? Is there an adequate number of rooms for additional people to live there in the future - like a baby? Without enough room to store your essentials in a comfortable, accessible way, it could mean you’ll have to either sacrifice some personal belongings or live in relatively cramped quarters.

Weathered Windows The quality of a home’s windows are directly correlated to curb appeal, insulation technologies, and energy bill. Upon inspecting a house, be sure to give the windows a thorough examination. Check to see if the slider works, the weatherstripping is in decent shape, search for any cracks in the glass and any signs of a draft. For best window functionality, these factors need to be in top shape.

Beat-Up, Faulty Roofing The roof is a primary agent of defense against rain, winds, and other types of external threats. If possible, ask about the state of the roofing and see if the present homeowners have had any recent problems with it.

Poor Ventilation With stuffy pockets of stagnant airflow, it could be difficult to breathe and just overall uncomfortable for guests and inhabitants alike. If you have any questions about the way windows impact a home’s airflow, speak with a professional at Wallside today for expert advice.

Foundation Damages The foundation is the backbone that supports the rest of the home. Possible issues with home foundation could be cracking in floor or walls, sticky appliances, and various other defective instances of the home’s infrastructure. Damages to a home foundation can be a serious safety hazard and result in serious issues if not properly dealt with.