Popular Exterior Siding Options Chosen by Homeowners

Home Siding Installation Along with replacement windows, a home’s siding is a definitive component to its visual appeal, structural integrity, protection against exterior elements, and insulation capacities. This said, each type of material proffers its own pros and cons. Listed below we’ve ranked today’s most sought-after siding materials.

Vinyl Among the most widely used materials for siding is vinyl, which is renowned as an attractive option due to the small amount of maintenance required and affordable price. Vinyl siding comes in an eclectic variety of colors that most of the time won’t need to be re-painted for over a decade, on average.

Stone There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to stone siding, such as:

  • Natural stones: Display an earthy, durable outer surface and are grouped together in large collections.
  • Faux stone: Designed to provide a stone-like look yet are noticeably different enough in appearance to natural stone; they’re also relatively light in weight, require a straightforward installation, and have boundless styles to experiment with.
  • Stone Veneer: Like faux stone, stone veneer is used to recreate the look of actual stone material and is celebrated for the diverse variety of surfaces, color schemes, and patterns they come in. Moreover, stone veneer tends to be rather light compared to its natural stone counterparts but still provides strong insulation abilities and a resilient defense against weather.

Brick Another popular option, there is a wealth of advantages to adding brick siding to your home. Traditionally sealed with cement, brick requires very little upkeep and - with the right color - can exude a sharp, attractive contrast to other elements of your home. It provides a reliable defense against external damages, reduces outside sounds (like raining and noisy neighbors), and does a great job at preventing water damage.

Wood Although definitely not as economical as vinyl, there certainly are a large number of advantages to wood siding. The possibilities for customization outweigh the creative freedom that many other siding options allow. With so many aspects such as the grade of wood, the finish applied, and style of siding (horizontal or vertical, and placement), you’ll surely be able to meet the vision you have for your home’s exterior appearance.

Mix it Up Installing a singular type of siding for your home is usually the most cost effective and timely way of getting the job done. However, to really enhance your curb appeal, many homeowners will implement a couple of different siding options to their home. For example, a strategically-executed balance of stone veneer with vinyl siding can really make exterior elements such as the replacement windows and landscape pop.

Even though each siding option varies in price, the overall cost will waver based off quality and amount of material used. If you hire a professional, they will help you assess the cost and give you an approximation as to the budget required for the job. On the other hand, taking the job on yourself is a sizable project to handle; it can take a whole weekend, require expensive equipment, patience, and reading if you have never done it before.