Tips for Keeping Bugs Out of Your Home

Bee in home Particularly during the spring and summer seasons, the weather entices people to open up their homes to invite the cool outside breeze in. As a result, insects see this as a prime opportunity to take advantage of the constantly opening and closing doors to nestle up in the safe confines of our homes. Here we examine how to defend your home against these creepy crawlers.

#1. Use Screens As previously mentioned, the nice weather encourages open windows to promote cool airflow and the rich smell of nature. As nice as this is, it also creates an entrance for flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying insects to attempt to take up residence in your home. The first mode of action to take against this is to make sure that all of your windows are equipped with a securely fastened screen. If there are any rips or tears, make sure to either replace or repair them.

#2. Fill and Seal Openings Survey your home for cracks, damages, or gaps in any of the windows, exterior doors, and walls. Check crevices where the wall meets the floor and see if there are any signs of pesky intruders. Apply sealant or caulk to any hole or gap that an insect could possibly crawl through. If you’re windows are damaged and need replacing, browse through Wallside’s replacement windows or visit our contact page to learn how we can help.

#3. Don’t Leave Food Out Bugs, like any other creatures, are attracted to food. The main reasons they’re drawn to our homes is to find protection against adverse weather; however, second to that, they aim to feast on our neglected leftovers. The easy solution to this is to wash our dishes as soon as we finish eating, clean the sink, and vacuum up crumbs throughout the floors and other areas we eat. Lastly, to lessen the chance of a surprise bug during sleep, don’t eat in bed!

#4. Declutter Trash The outside of our windows tend to collect with leaves and other waste. This serves as an appealing safe ground for insects to take up camp and possibly eat away at your window. Enact regular upkeep of the area outside and inside your window to dissuade them from coming around.

#5. Fix Water Leakages Inspect areas of your home’s plumbing that may leak such as under the sink, the bathroom, ceiling, and other spaces that are prone to leakage. Remove these leaks as soon as you can because they are hospitable environments for a variety of insects.