Why is Vinyl the Most Popular Type of Window Frame?

Vinyl windows Vinyl windows are among the most popular selection as far as frames go. According to HGTV, “More vinyl windows are sold than all other types of window construction combined - about 67 percent of the residential window market.” However, the question remains, what is it about them that drives their sales to be the leading choice in the market?

First and foremost, the affordability of vinyl windows compared to other window types is staggering. Even though new windows are a long term investment, the fact that styles such as fiberglass or wood run at such high exceedingly high prices makes vinyl the most attractive candidate to choose.

Piggybacking on the importance of cost, a pressing part of owning a home is supplementing it with maximum insulation technologies so that as much energy is conserved as possible. Vinyl windows, especially Wallside’s which are designed with industry-leading insulation technologies, do a fantastic job at preventing energy loss. With energy efficient windows, homeowners can make great savings year-round.

Even with competitive prices and impressive insulation abilities, these perks lose their weight in value if they call for extensive upkeep. Luckily, with vinyl replacement windows this isn’t the case. They’re known for helming some of the sturdiest material so that dents, abrasions, and other outside threats do little to nothing when it comes to imparting visible damage.

A common woe of homeowners who own other window styles other than vinyl is the recurring need to paint their windows. Doing so can be a drawn-out process with  complications such as possible chippings or mildew (for wood). This brings us to another advantage of vinyl - they rarely, if ever, need to be painted! Often times, manufacturers will pre-paint them so that you can gauge how they will match your home before even purchasing them.

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