What to Look Out for When Inspecting Your Windows

window inspection The quality of a home’s windows have a direct impact on a multitude of factors concerning the aesthetic, energy efficiency, and ventilation. Although windows are specifically built in such a way to last for years on end, with time there comes the need for replacement. Listed below are some of the most commonly found defects incurred by home windows.

Cracks in Window Panes After years of wear from weather damage and general usage, cracks in home windows are bound to happen. If your windows’ glass has suffered cracks or damages, simply call or message a crew member from Wallside Windows to set up a free in-home estimate to assess the damage. We will evaluate whether it should be fine without help, if it needs repair, or if it needs to be replaced. If the harm is sizable to the point it will negatively impact your home’s energy efficiency, we will provide you with the next steps to to properly handle the situation.

Air Leakages or Drafts Summer breezes are nice; cold drafts that seem to come out of nowhere, on the other hand, are not. These pesky nuisances not only leak out precious home-generated air conditioning, but also lead to significant drops in home energy efficiency. If you have recently noticed drafts and think you may need a new set of replacement windows, contact Wallside for assistance.

Frame Damages Wood window frames are known for becoming withered with mold, mildew, and insect infestations. These damages require either a whole new frame or just a minor repair. Windows with vinyl frames - which Wallside designs itself in its own factory - however, are largely resilient to rot and other damages that tend to inflict wood window frames.

Faulty Weather Stripping Weather stripping is used to insulate homes and control the temperature inside a home and defend against air leakages. With time, weather stripping withers and may need to be replaced. To find new weather stripping, visit your local hardware store and follow this guide to install it.

Sticky Track A properly functioning window should open and close with ease. When they don’t, it’s generally a result of a dirty window track that is probably filled with accumulations of filth and grime.