How to Secure Your Home Before Leaving for Vacation

Key lock Though you’re probably giddy with excitement to rush out the door and begin your vacation, it’s important to not let this blind you from taking the time to fully lock up. Follow these preventive measures to ensure your house is protected during your time off.

Shut Off Electronic Appliances There’s no point to keeping energy-sucking appliances such as the television, laptop, or other electronics on when no is using them; unplug these to cut back on your energy bill. A popular exception to this, though, is scheduling lights to turn on at specific times of the day as an attempt to make it appear that someone is home and ward off potential burglars.

Contact the Post Office Though you may be taking a break from work, the post office hasn’t. While you’re away, your mail is likely to stockpile up and possibly overflow. To prevent important documents from being stolen, contact the postal office to hold off from delivering your mail so that you can pick it up later when you return.

Keep Windows Locked Reduce the threat of break-ins and interior damage from weather by locking up windows on all levels of your home. Also be sure to cover windows with drapes or blinds so people cannot peer in and look into your belongings. If unsure about the performance of your windows or if they need to be upgraded or not, consult a professional at Wallside to discuss your options for replacement windows.

Clean Up Finish laundry, vacuum, and put all goods and appliances in their proper places before leaving. This way, when you return, you can enjoy the remaining time of your vacation without being burdened by chores.

Help from Friends and Family Prior to leaving, ask a reliable friend or family member to check up on your home every couple of days. Especially if you are gone for a significantly long amount of time, it’s reassuring to know someone is checking up on your property for any signs of suspicious behavior. Also, for those with pets such as fish or hamsters, ask a friend to feed it as needed. With other pets that require a bit more attention - like dogs and cats - it’s better to have them temporarily relocated to a friend’s house so that they can be watched and fed.