Six Awesome Entertainment Room Upgrades

An entertainment room with a television and movie theater seating. The entertainment  room is the one place fun and entertainment are focused on more than any other living space. Make the most of yours by considering introducing one of these all-around  fun additions to your home.

Projector & Projector Screen A projector adds a classic touch to whatever movie, show, or game you play on it. There is a large price disparity for both projectors and projector screens. This is largely due to factors such as image quality, aspect ratio (which affects the resolution), contrast, and whether you prefer the luxury of a ceiling mount or not.

Skylight or Casement Window If your game room is ground-level (many use the basement), adding a skylight or casement window may be just the touch you need. Game rooms tend to get stuffy, so installing a window to bring natural air, light, and ventilation in may be just what it needs.

Home Theater Seating A must-have for movie buffs, home theater seating reproduces the atmosphere and experience of a trip to the cinema. Similar to projectors, the pricing for these can greatly vary based on the look and features of each model.

Neon Signs & Wall Clocks Electrify the design of your basement or game room with one of these bright, animated signs or clocks. Often designed with a theme of America’s favorite brands, these act as visually-striking pieces of personal flair that showcase your personality in a fun, decor-based way.

Pinball or Arcade Cabinet Although there are numerous pinball and arcade game simulators on the computer, nothing quite beats the feel of using the actual hardware. Both are known to run quite large in size, eat up a decent amount of energy, and run fairly steep in price. Considering this, an investment in one of these hulks may only be worth it for those with a lifelong affinity for classic arcade era or longtime fans of a particular game. Foosball, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, and Pool Tables Nothing is better than some traditional head-to-head table game competition. These are staple game room additions due to their minimal learning curve and compatibility with friends and family.