Top Carpet Problems that Homeowners Face

Person cleaning a carpet stain. Home carpet faces constant exposure to stains, spills, and other accidents. After enough time has passed, these deleterious effects add up and can harshly decrease your home’s visual aesthetic and overall value. Listed below are the solutions you can take to common carpet issues homeowners encounter and the action you can take to fix them.

Beverage Spills Whether it be fruit juice, wine, or chocolate milk, spills from beverages require immediate action to prevent serious stains. Some people’s first reaction might be to take a cloth and scrub away - but this will just spread it. Instead, using either a damp paper towel or cloth, lightly dab the area so that the liquid is soaked up instead of shoved into the carpet fibers.

That Relentless Smell A golden rule trick to reducing odorous carpet is the application of baking soda. This technique is especially helpful to reduce the odor generated from general grease, oil, pet stains, and dirt from household traffic. First, vacuum the targeted surface areas that smell. Next, sprinkle the baking soda with a hefty coating so that sufficient coverage is met; also, it helps to take a cloth to the baking soda so that it’s ingrained in the carpet’s fibers. After waiting an hour or two, vacuum the area once again.

Surprise Pet Stains & Neglected Food Residue There are some stains that occur when you’re not available to promptly handle them (sometimes the dog just can’t wait). These splotches pose a threat of incurring discoloration, odor, and a serious reduction in the texture’s quality. Dispose of these by arming yourself with a carpet cleaning solution that fits for your carpet’s material; this also goes for pet waste or vomit, which there are powerful solutions specially designed for.

Maintaining a clean carpet is one of the many vital facets of a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing home. With another essential aspect of a home's value being windows, it's important to upholder frequent upkeep and repairs of them; if you have any questions concerning yours, contact Wallside to learn all about the replacement windows we build in our own factory and how we can help install them for you.