How to Clean Window Tracks in Five Steps

Over time, window tracks build up with dust, insects, and multiple other sources of gunk that can hinder the window's slide performance; it’s important to take notice of this because the cleanliness of the track dictates how smooth and easy a window opens. Read our step-by-step instructions to learn how you can clean your window tracks and prevent future jams. 1. Remove the window sashes. If unsure how to remove sashes for sliding windows, check out our visual guide to get a better idea of how it’s done.

2. Use a dust vacuum to suck up large chunks of grime and pebbles of dirt collected along the frame. These are usually main sources of blockage and prevent fluid openings. Vacuum until all debris is removed; afterward, a brownish black layer of sticky crud should remain.

3. Grab a homemade or store-bought cleaning solution, cleaning rag, and worn-out toothbrush. Make sure to give the corners a thorough wash as these are hot spots for thick accumulations of grime. If the dirt is extremely thick and cannot be sufficiently scrubbed with the utensils listed above, use a q-tip or other tool lying around the house that can adequately reach the hard-to-reach crevices.

4. Arm yourself with a roll of paper towel and warm water to scrape up remaining residue until the surfaces are clean and dry.

5. Ensure a smooth opening by applying a silicone spray lubricant onto a wash rag; thoroughly scrub the track just as you did before. Go slow in order to not touch the silicone lubricant on anything but the slide. Once appropriately applied throughout the slide, re-attach the sashes and the job is done!

If you’re still having trouble sliding your windows even after following the above guidelines, there may be other issues at hand. The area between your window’s sash and jam could be coated with paint (a common occurrence); if this happens to be your situation, you're probably experiencing a window jam

For questions concerning window repair or installation, call or email Wallside Windows to speak to a professional to see how we can help and if it might be time for a window replacement.