Tips to Safely Remove Broken Window Glass

  Shattered window with a blue frame.

Windows break. Whether it be from a mis-aimed baseball throw or a weather-related accident, a broken window is a common household repair. This said, shattered glass can be extremely dangerous and needs to be handled with careful attention. Follow these tips to make your clean-up as safe and efficient as possible.

First things first Before anything, make sure all children and pets are at a safe distance from the broken glass in the areas inside and outside of the broken window.

Wear protective clothing As mentioned earlier, even while being super careful, the tiniest glass fragments can easily penetrate skin tissue or get in someone’s eyes. The best defense against this is to wear:

  • Extra-protection gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Bulky sweatshirt
  • Durable pants

Note: Avoid slippers, sandals, or thin-sole footwear.

Clean surroundings inside and outside the window Search for scattered shards surrounding the broken window. Gather a broom and dustpan to scrap the jagged remnants; once collected, place them in a sturdy, secure container such as a box and then into the garbage. For glass found on carpet surfaces, use duct tape or a vacuum. Lastly, inspect the rest of the area for shards that may have spread and could possibly injure someone.

How to replace the window After cleaning up the broken pieces around the window’s interior and exterior spaces, you will want to call a replacement window service company . It’s important to be quick about this because the momentary lack of a window poses you at risk for invasive bugs and adverse weather conditions.