Three Problems Installing New Replacement Windows Solves

Man installing new replacement windows Along with serving as the personality of a home's design, home windows offer many practical functions. Listed below are three of the most common household issues that replacement windows solve.

Air Leakages Though there are several factors that can contribute to a draft, many times it is due to window damage such as gaps, weathered frames, and cracked glass. When not handled accordingly, air leakages can lead to huge losses in energy and annoying drafts. The addition of new replacement windows with freshly sealed frames will ensure an air-tight home free of leakages.

High Energy Bill Over the years, a home’s windows can become outdated and lessen in insulation performance. If your energy bill has taken a recent spike, faulty windows may be the culprit—it might be time for new windows. You may want to consider Wallside's vinyl replacement windows, which are designed with the latest insulation technologies  in order to provide maximum energy efficiency that will sustain for years to come.

Stagnant Air Circulation Adding a window into a room—such as a casement or double-hung style that can be cranked open—works wonders against cramped, stuffy rooms. These work best in living spaces where unpleasant smells linger or get trapped. Additionally, areas where work is done like the home office require circulation to promote oxygen and clear-thinking; it’s circumstances such as these that a new replacement window would be a perfect fit.

If you have any questions regarding window installation or repair, give Wallside a call to speak to a professional and see what we can do to help.