Three Products that Make Window Cleaning Way Easier

Window being washed with sponge. Ranging from replacement windows to car windshields, windows are used everywhere. In order for us to reap the maximum benefits of the views they provide - especially when in a car - it's imperative they maintain a consistently clean appearance. As we all know, this requires regular maintenance - and the best way to perform this upkeep is equipping yourself with the right tools.   Listed below are three of the market's best products when it comes to cleaning windows .

1.) The Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool Best for: elevated, outdoor surfaces You know those pesky hard-to-reach windows that you usually have to turn to a hose to wash? It's difficult with a hose, because you can only apply light pressure (in order to prevent damaging the window) - which means the glass might not receive the full rinse it needs. This extremely functional tool designed by Windex eliminates the hassle of washing windows that are difficult to wash with  its lengthy reach and built-in cleaning spray.

2.) Glass Wizard Best for: car windshields, mirrors, showers, general glass surfaces Customized with a firm grip and maneuverable cleaning head, the Glass Wizard is a top-rate tool to keep around for tough, sticky stains accumulated over time. Also, the Glass Wizard provides users with the option to apply either a store-bought cleaning solution or a homemade one.

3.) Miles Kimball Window Screen Cleaning Brush Best for: homeowners with delicate or fragile screen material Window screens have a tendency to build up with grime from insects and dust. Using a coarse brush or cloth poses a risk of wearing the screen. To prevent this yet still provide on a full cleanse, the expertly-crafted Miles Kimball brush provides a scrub that is more of a smooth glide, effectively removing dirt without weathering.