Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Polished, contemporary bathroom design. Re-grout Bathroom Tile Due to the moisture-filled air that constantly fills a bathroom’s space, its tile is susceptible to mildew and weathering. Long-term damage can be avoided by regularly grouting the tile. For those who don’t know, grout is the material used to seal tile floors; it’s basically the glue that keeps it firmly structured together. To re-grout your bathroom, you will need to purchase grout material based on the type of tile you have; ask a trusted store clerk if unsure of the type you should buy.

Install a New Vanity A bathroom’s vanity is the essential unit for all wash and grooming equipment. It is the combination of the sink’s countertop and the storage cabinet beneath it. By installing a new vanity, you can alter the look and tone of the entire bathroom. Choose a size based on the number of people that use the bathroom every morning to get ready and the amount of clutter that builds up. The greater the number of people, the greater the need for space is.

New Windows Bathroom windows are crucial for ventilation and play a vital role in providing the design aesthetic. Choose a window style that matches your bathroom’s theme but also takes privacy into consideration.

Add a Shower Head Mount The pressure and flow of your shower head directly influences your shower experience. Though it won’t do much design-wise, it’s a great way to control the comfort level of your shower, which varies depending on the mood you are in.

Change up the Lighting Getting ready in the morning under a piercingly bright light is never a good feeling. Luckily, there are dozens of light fixture models purposely designed to shed a tamed glow - one that provides light but not so much that it hurt your eyes. Furthermore, placing the fixtures in a balanced spread around a room promotes an ambient atmosphere as opposed to an all-encompassing one.

Window Treatments Bath window curtains, shades, valance, and other window treatment styles can be a chic way to spruce up a bathroom’s design while also offering privacy control.