Pet-Proofing Your Home

Cat playing with window blinds. Ah, pet ownership. Few things in life can bring the same joy you get from a beloved cat, dog, hamster, or any animal that lives at your house. But with pet ownership comes a lot of extra chores - you want to keep your furry family members safe and cared for while avoiding undue damage to your property, right? Luckily, it’s not as hard as you might expect. We’ve got some tips here to help you keep your home safe for pets without major effort or remodeling!

Kitchen The kitchen is many pets’ favorite room just because of all the smells and tastes, let alone the drawers and cabinets. If your dog or cat can get into a pantry or a drawer, they’ll be more than happy to go exploring. Childproof latches on everything that little paws can open will stop your pets from eating something they shouldn’t - and stop you from always having to replace canned goods!

Bathroom and Laundry Rooms These might not be as entertaining to a pet as the kitchen is, but rest assured they’ll be interested in anywhere they can get a drink of water. Make sure to block off any small spaces behind a laundry machine to make sure nobody can get stuck back there. Keep all chemicals locked safely away and up out of reach, and remember to keep trash cans covered or locked behind a cabinet door so nobody eats anything they aren’t supposed to. And keep that toilet lid down - you don’t want your pets drinking anything they shouldn’t!

Living Rooms/Family Rooms A lot of the same tips apply - locking cabinets, for example - but this one might require a bit more effort since your pets will likely spend a lot of time here. Make sure your kids keep all their toys and games up off the floor (and ideally in their rooms!), and try to keep any little decorations and knick-knacks high up until your pets are old enough to not knock them over or chew on them. Keep all electrical cables bundled up and up away from curious paws, especially for heavy items like TVs that could fall off a stand. Watch out for small things like thumbtacks or loose string that a kitten or puppy could chew on. And make sure that all your big living room windows have child-safety window latches included to stop prying hands, paws, or anything else from opening a window when it shouldn’t be opened. There’s plenty more things you could do to keep your house safe for pets; animal expert Cesar Milan has plenty of extra advice on his website. With our advice, we hope to help your four-legged friends feel just as at home as you and your family do!