Summer Maintenance Checklist

Person pulling weeds from lawn. There's no better time than summer to finally tackle those household repairs you've been meaning to get around to. Things add up over the busy spring and winter seasons when the weather conditions prevent us from conducting proper upkeep - both indoor and outdoor. Get into the swing of summer by checking out our home fix-it list we’ve compiled for anyone with a home to utilize.

Clean the Gutters Leaves and dozens of other types of garbage have a tendency to sneak into gutters. After enough trash and residue gathers in your gutter, it can condense into a hefty pile that can either damage the gutters themselves due to the sheer weight of the trash or create a clog that can damage your home infrastructure because of water leakage. Best way to avoid this? Give those gutters a thorough check up and take care of the trash build up. To clean your gutters, use: a ladder, gloves, trowel (or other utensil to dig out residue), water bucket or any other modality to wash out leftover muck.

Tidy up Damaged Drywall Indents, smears, and holes commonly injure drywall. Analyze the walls for these damages and allocate the necessary repair equipment that will be needed to make repairs; a general roundup of gear you’ll most likely need is a putty knife, sandpaper, cloth, masking tape, spackle and gloves.

- Dirty walls: filth from hands and furniture collision marks add up over time. Use a classic combo of a cleaning solution, hot water, and rag (not too wet!) to restore your walls back to normal color.

- Small, nail-sized holes: fill with putty or toothpaste of a color similar to the wall's hue; smooth out with a putty knife

- Larger indents: for bigger damages from doorknobs or similar accidents, the easiest solution is a drywall repair patch kit.

Once and for All, Fix that Leaky Faucet The constant drip after drip of a leaky faucet is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Based off your expertise, decide to either handle the leak yourself or call a plumber. If you'd prefer to not shed roughly two hundred dollars, there's dozens of how-to guides across the web to give a try; we've saved you the trouble by providing an explanatory video below:


Check for Drafts Energy bill seem unusually high lately? It may be due to air leakages from window damage. Give your home windows a checkup by looking for any issues with the sealing, gaps, or cracks. Problems with gaps and sealing can be resolved by caulk, but you may want to consider getting new replacement windows if they have sustained enough damage.

Pull Weeds Taking the time to remove weeds is a great excuse to get outside for the day and work on your home's curb appeal. Unfortunately, despite our efforts the previous year to eliminate them clean, a new flock of invasive dandelions seems to happily plant themselves within our lawns with the arrival of every season. Unearthing weeds depends on the plant species and length of root, so the technique you use will vary with each weed. Uproot these pesky invaders either by:

- Use your hands (with garden gloves) and tag at the root; employ a mini shovel to carve out the deeper ones.

- Repeatedly rake a heavily-afflicted area with a hoe

- Apply herbicide (make sure to follow instructions and warnings of the product you decide to use as there are health dangers depending on the solution)

To maintain your home’s value, it’s crucial to conduct regular home maintenance throughout all seasons of the year.  Make sure to give routine checkups on all appliances and infrastructure around the house to ensure a safe, high quality living environment. Contact Wallside Windows for any questions regarding the windows or to learn the benefits of window replacement.