Five Upgrades that Raise Your Home’s Value

Increasing Home Value If you plan to own a home for more than five-to-ten years, it’s likely you will make a significant amount of changes to it along the way. These alterations will vary depending on the state of your house when you purchase it. There are some upgrades, though, that are universally beneficial for any homeowner. Listed below are five home upgrades that are valuable across the board.

Polished Landscaping Similarly to how the inside of a home is decorated to reflect a homeowner's tastes, the outside landscaping should do the same. Fill yours with variations of plants, trees, light fixtures, and other swanky garnishes such as a lamp post or a cobblestone walkway. The opportunities to experiment all rely on what your tastes are; some of which you may not even be aware of without the expert help of a professional landscape contractor.

Energy-Efficient Windows If your home windows are outdated or experiencing issues such as drafts or faulty weatherstripping, it may be time to replace yours. Greater home ventilation, insulation, and a lower energy bill are just a few of the many benefits to be had from installing new windows. However, if your windows are in decent shape, you could also add a picture window to provide an expansive view over a lake or a double-hung to breathe air into an otherwise stuffy room.

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub It’s no mystery that swimming pools and hot tubs cost a pretty penny. If it’s within your budget, adding one of these are sure to raise your home’s value. This said, it’s not the only reason to consider incorporating one of them in your backyard. Everyone, for the most part, loves swimming - it’s a luxury - and could also be the deal breaker that wins a prospective homeowner over to to finalizing a purchase deal.

Updated Technologies Old-fashioned technology can be fun to keep around for a while - such as a classic telephone with circular dials - but there comes a time when not getting up to speed with new equipment becomes a detriment to your livelihood and bank account. Incandescent light bulbs, for example, are inefficient compared to the more modern, energy-saving LED and CLF bulbs. Other technologies to update include air conditioning units, thermostats, security systems, light fixtures, in-wall microwaves, and thermostats.

Renovated Rooms In spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, a well-executed design can go a long way. Features such as the paint job, flooring, storage capacity, backsplash, and other nuances in design all collectively influence a room’s ambiance. For instance, some people place high importance on the layout of a kitchen. If yours feels clunky or possibly needs more space, it may be in your best interest to remodel it into a more accommodating space.