Easy Steps to Removing Dirty Fingerprints

Over time, it’s inevitable for our belongings to become dirty with fingerprints. Wiping them clean may not be as pressing as say, taking preventive measures against window drafts, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Spanning from our most cherished technologies to home furniture, we take a look at how to effectively clean up pesky patches of fingerprints. Laptops Grimy laptop screens look gross and negatively impact the quality of picture they provide. To wipe away fingerprints from your laptop screen, unplug it from its charger, turn it off, and find yourself a cleaning kit. These come with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution that are purposefully tailored for the delicate screens of a laptop. Apply the cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth, then, gently wipe the perimeter of your screen; make sure to get in between the corners and cracks for the best cleanse. Lastly, make sure to apply soft pressure - but still enough to remove the dirt and fingerprints.

Discs - CDs and DVDS CD and DVD discs are handled on a consistent basis, so it’s no surprise that they collect so many fingerprints. To wipe these clean, the first thing you’ll want to do is remove them out of their containers. Hold the disc with caution, being careful to not add any additional smudges. Next, grab a delicate cloth, warm water, and soap. Moisten the cloth - don’t soak it, the cloth should only be a little wet - and smoothly wipe in a circular motion. To finish, dry the CD with a dry rag or cloth that won’t damage the screen.

Windows Along with energy efficiency, replacement windows play a huge role in a home’s appearance and overall aesthetic. The quickest, most effective solution to dealing with smudgy fingerprints on your replacement windows is none other than the classic window cleaning solution of Windex. Grab a paper towel or rag, spray some windex, and scrub away. After a quick once-over, any signs grease-stained imprints from your fingers will be washed clean in no time.

Walls No different from dealing with the goods above, it’s important to employ an attitude of caution when clearing walls of abrasions and grubby fingerprints. Before you get started, take notice of which walls have paint or wallpaper and which are a standard white; if possible, research the type of paint and wallpaper material you have used to see if the providers have a “best practice cleaning guide.” Next, scout out a delicate cleaning material so that paint isn’t smeared. After you acquire the right materials and are ready to get to work, dip your cloth in lukewarm water mixed with soap. Gently scrub the fingerprints until sufficiently washed; let dry and all signs of fingerprints should be gone.