Four Reasons Why People Love Our Custom-Built Windows

Wallside Window Factory As a leading manufacturer of vinyl replacement windows for over seventy years, Wallside knows the ins and outs of what makes quality windows. With their factory stationed in Taylor, MI, their expert team assembles hundreds of windows on a daily basis, which are then installed to Michigan and Ohio homes. We take a look below at three reasons Wallside’s factory-built windows are renowned as the area’s most preferred.

Customization Options At Wallside, there’s no stock-sized windows that is produced over and over again. Hand-crafted in our 72,000 square-foot factory, we employ precision care to your windows and pay meticulous attention to the small (but essential) details. Every home is different and requires a specific size and installation. Our builders keep this in mind during the construction process so that the window will be placed in a location that promotes the best views, opportunities for nice airflow in the summer, and the best openings for sunlight. But even before we even get started on windows, we’ll give a free estimate appointment to best understand and cater to your home window needs.

Diverse Styles Everyone has a unique taste when it comes to the style of windows they want to incorporate into their home. Our team of professionals craft dozens of different window designs each day. Ranging from double hung, bay and bow, to doorwalls, our variety of window styles is sure to meet the vision you have for your home.

Top-Rate Technology Wallside doesn’t take energy efficiency lightly, which is exactly why we implement warm-edge stainless steel spacers into each window. The spacers and sealant we use provide stalwart UV protection and defense against condensation and other causes of weathering. By lessening the effect of harmful ultraviolet light and containing inside-generated heat during the winter and blocking unwanted heat rays during the summer, proving Wallside’s Low-E glass coating to offer some of the industry’s most sophisticated insulation performance.

Factory Guarantee For 35 years, Wallside guarantees unwavering commitment to your windows. Whether it’s a gap, worn-out seal, damage from rust or problems with the frame’s pain, we have you covered. We understand the importance of maintaining your home’s re-sale value, which is why we are only a phone call away when your windows need assistance.