How to Create a Homey Guest Bedroom

Guest bedroom Have an extra room you’re not really sure what to do with? Turn it into a guest bedroom! Transforming a spare space into a welcoming rest zone will not only please your future guests, but can also be a fun weekend project. Listed below, we dive into the many ways this can be done.

Paint Walls or Add Wallpaper If you were to look at a house that didn’t have any grass, you’d be able to tell right away that something is off about it. Likewise, it’s nice to have walls dressed up in a coat of paint or a comforting wallpaper design. If you plan to paint, consider stylizing your room with a consistent color scheme. Earthy tones like beige, light green, or vanilla - these hues breed a welcoming sentiment and overall air of hospitality to any space.

Comfy Bed If you have company staying over night, there’s one thing they’ll need beyond anything else: a bed! To be safe, opt for a medium-to-large sized mattress. Stay consistent with the color scheme of your walls’ paint job or wallpaper by purchasing matching sheets.

Provide Accommodating Furnishings Outfit the room with the type of furniture you might find in your standard bedroom. By supplying essential home furniture - like a nightstand, clock, armorer, lamp, and set of magazines - your guests are bound to feel both entertained and right at home. Other furniture like a mini cabinet to store clothes (for longer stays) or a mirror can play a large role in attending to your guests’ level of comfort.

Control the Airflow If there’s no heat or air conditioning in your appointed guest room, you may want to consider adding an extra fan or heat generator depending on which season it is. Secondly, give the windows a checkup for any sign of a draft as this could be lead to discomfort for guests. If you’ve tried sealing gaps in your window frames and are still experiencing trouble, contact Wallside Windows to speak with an expert and learn how we can help replace your windows.

Spruce up the Place Outfit the walls with soothing pictures that you think your guests will enjoy - sort of like how a hotel does. If you really want to up the ante, add a television from across the bed. With such great hospitality, they’ll never want to leave!