Wallside’s team leaders ensure the highest quality windows for your home

For the four team leaders here at Wallside Windows, trust and communication are at the foundation of a job well done. It’s key to their relationships with their employees and the supervisors they report to in order to produce a good product.

FInd out why working for Wallside has been a great experience for our team leaders.

FInd out why working for Wallside has been a great experience for our team leaders.

“We’re another set of eyes for the supervisors,” says Richie Denny, who oversees framing at Wallside.

Donell Bradford, who leads the casements line, among others, agrees, saying that the team leaders help the supervisors do their jobs. But they have to know how to problem-solve within their own lines too.

“If we go to the supervisors all the time, then our employees won’t trust us,” he says, adding that the communication on his team is strong and employees come to him for almost anything.

And for each of the areas to operate efficiently, that communication is key.

“Without it, the whole line falls apart,” says Dawon Mittchell, who was recently promoted to team leader of the sash line.

The days are busy for team leaders, and they sometimes supervise up to dozens of employees.

Each man has his own perspective on what guides him to be a good team leader. For Richie, it is getting along with his employees and knowing how to do every job down his line. “I can fill in any spot when call-offs happen,” he says.

Donell notes that organization is key, while Dawon says it’s important to be disciplined and guide his employees. They all mention how important it is to teach employees the Wallside way — which has been honed over several decades — to make sure employees create a good product at the Taylor, Michigan-based, family-owned factory.

Want to join our family at Wallside Windows? Find out how.

Want to join our family at Wallside Windows? Find out how.

And while it’s important that employees all follow the same procedures so every window is made to the same high quality, these team leaders appreciate that the company is open to new ideas.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve,” Donell says. “We can say, ‘Why is this being done this way? Maybe this could be easier.’”

For the four team leaders, they like the freedom the job allows them and that every day is different, but a big reason they are all committed to Wallside Windows is because of its family atmosphere.

“If you come in here and ask for help, they’ll help you out,” says Chad Wilson, who’s been with the company for 15 years and oversees receiving. He adds that the Blanck family has “helped a lot of people out.”

“They really care about their employees,” Richie says.

Dawon remembers how his team recently banded together to raise money for one of its employees going through a rough time. “It’s a big family.”

Individuals looking to join the Wallside family should be sure to check out the current job openings – including positions in sales, maintenance, installing windows and more.  

If you want Michigan-made windows built by a team focused on quality, visit WallsideWindows.com/estimate or call 1-800-521-7800 to schedule your free estimate with Wallside Windows today.