When it Comes to Windows, Black is Back!

When it comes to windows, black is back.

Years ago, many aluminum and steel window frames were black. Times changed, and for various reasons, white frames became standard. But as of this summer, Wallside once again sells windows that are black on the exterior.

“It gives homes that new modern look,” says David Ball, Operations Manager at Wallside. “What’s old is new again.”

Wallside offers black exterior windows in all shapes and sizes.

Wallside offers black exterior windows in all shapes and sizes.

Veka, the company that supplies the vinyl used by Wallside, began offering the product in 2016.

“Last year, they said they were expecting black to be one of their biggest movers. Seeing a movement in the market and in our local market, we decided to start offering it,” David said.

Because at Wallside, we are The Factory, adding the new style was simple. According to David Ball, orders for more than 400 black exterior windows came within the first month after rolling out the product out earlier this year.

“It’s definitely looking like the right move to me,” David said.

The windows are the traditional white on the interior but give a unique look to the exterior of the home. In the recent past, black windows were impractical because they held heat, which caused the vinyl to distort, and the color tended to fade over time. With these windows we can avoid those problems. They’re laminated, and they have reflective properties that help disperse the heat.

“Our vinyl company has had some products in the Arizona desert for a while that they’ve been testing to make sure there’s not a lot of heat buildup,” David said.

The result is a new look that harkens back to a classic and gives window customers an additional option.

“Now we’re back in black, like AC/DC says,” David said.

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