Wallside Windows Advice for Winter

Wallside Windows Advice for Winter The joys of winter have officially arrived, bringing the blustery winds and cold drafts that always seem to make their way into the home. Unsealed doors and windows are one of the biggest culprits for causing a temperature drop during the day and night. Old windows and doors that are poorly sealed can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars each year.

Windows to the World

Windows are meant to let in light, not the bitter cold of winter. One of the best ways to stop the chill is to install new vinyl replacement windows that are designed to look great and insulate. That is a concept that energy-conscious homeowners can really grab hold of. Energy-efficient windows are a proven way to save money each and every month by keeping the cold air out where it belongs and the warm air in.

Doors Welcome in Winter

Doors should stop winter in its tracks, not welcome it in like an old friend. Drafts around doors make the home an unwelcome place during the winter months. Rather than feeling warm and cozy, the cold creates an atmosphere where people leave their coats on when they come and visit. Quality insulated doors are designed to reduce heat flow and have a high energy efficiency rating.

Patio Doors: A Thing of Beauty

Patio doors really let in the bright rays during the winter, but they can also be a particularly troublesome area when it comes to energy efficiency. They are traditionally larger than regular picture windows and come in hinged, French, or sliding styles. Patio doors add a great aesthetic element to any home and are the perfect way to blend inside living spaces with the great outdoors. To really enjoy the patio and its doors, one must make sure that it is well insulated and sealed.

Seal It Up

Sealing around doors and windows is easy to do and has a real impact on energy usage. All entrances should be checked for cracks before winter hits to make sure that the home is in the best shape to face the revenges of cold weather. Caulking and weather stripping are the two most common ways to winterize around windows and doors. Professional installers are trained to look for cracks, but homeowners can do it by following a few simple steps. Take the time to examine the seal around doors and windows for any damage that will let in the cold and learn to enjoy winter all over again.