5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Winter Heating Bills

5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Winter Heating Bills Now that we're into the winter season keeping our homes warm and comfortable is a top priority. That first heating bill after the cold weather hits can, however, put a dent in your wallet. There are several steps you can take to make sure your winter heating bills are as low as possible. Here are a few easy ways to minimize the shock of seeing your heating bills this winter.

Adjust the Heat at Night

Lowering the thermostat at night is a quick way to easily lower your heating bills. Pull out a few extra blankets and you may not even notice the difference. A few extra degrees, however, may make a difference when your heating bill comes. Some people actually find that they sleep better when the temperature is a little bit cooler.

Put in New Replacement Windows

Windows can be a major source of lost heat in a home. Older windows in particular can be drafty, even if you can't see any obvious open spaces. Vinyl replacement windows can help you save on energy and lower your monthly heating bills. Not only will better windows save you money on heating bills, but this kind of improvement can help improve your home’s overall value.

Put in a Humidifier

Air during the winter months normally becomes much dryer. Having a humidifier can not only make the air more comfortable in your home and help cut down on the annoying static cling that dry air creates, but can save you money since moist air holds heat longer than the dry air does. This will mean less strain on your furnace to keep your home warm.

Replace Furnace Filters

Making sure your furnace is running as cleanly and efficiently as possible can help keep heating costs as low as possible. The more efficiently your furnace is able to run, the less energy it needs to operate. A very easy way to do this is to regularly replace your furnace filters. When you change out your filters regularly, your furnace doesn’t have to use as much energy to work through filters that are full of debris.

Heat Only the Rooms You're Using

Most of us have rooms that we rarely use, like guest bedrooms. Closing these rooms off during the colder months means saving money since there is less space to keep heated in the house. If there is a vent in the room that is providing heat, make sure it's closed.