How to Childproof Your Windows and Blinds

 How to Childproof Your Windows and Blinds As soon as a child begins to walk, you will find that the things they are attracted to are often the most dangerous things in your home. While you may find it cute that your toddler loves to peek at the neighbors through the window, you need to stop and think about the safety of the window. The fact is that if the window breaks or the child can get the window open, it is a definite safety hazard. Your job is to make sure that your windows and window blinds are childproof. The following are some tips to help you to make sure your windows are safe for your child:

Keep the Windows Clear

No matter how high your windows are, your toddler is going to want to look out of it. They will use anything in front of them to climb on so they can see outside. You want to remove all items that could be used as a makeshift ladder by them. Furniture should be moved further away from your windows as a child could easily stand on the arm of a chair and fall through a window. Also, be sure that all objects that could break the window are removed from the area.

Window Locks

Most windows come with a locking mechanism that allows you to lock the window and preventing it from being raised or tilted. Unfortunately, your toddler will quickly learn how to unlock it by simply watching. There are products available that can prevent the window from opening, even when it is unlocked. Window stops and window guards are made for several different types of windows and will keep your child safe.

Window Film

You will also find there is a special window film that can be purchased to prevent the glass from shattering if a window does get broken. It is affordable and will help to keep your child safe. If your windows are old, you may want to consider replacing them with vinyl windows so that you no longer have to worry about your child getting hurt on the unsafe windows.

Window Blinds

If you have blinds in your home, you must do what you can to get the cords out of the way of the child. There are safety products available or you can simply cut the cords and refit them to a tassel stay or fit them with cord stops. The idea is to get the extra cordage off the blinds and keep the remaining cord out of the child’s reach.