Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

  Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

When it comes to interior design and home maintenance, there are some undertakings that require just too much time and expertise to adequately fulfill on your own. You can hire an expert for pretty much anything these days, but can also save a hefty amount of cash if you tackle the work yourself. But to even attempt home upkeep, at least with any success, there is a quintessential set of tools everyone should keep around (and know how to use) at all times. For beginners and experienced vets alike, here is a list of stock tools for any homeowner.

Tape Measure When you’re a homeowner, you will inevitably need to measure some spaces in your home. Some tape measures provide general increments of inches and centimeters, while others can give more of an intricate scope of detail with even finer measurements. The tape measure is of great help for making sure furniture like a new dresser or piano will fit inside your home and of absolute importance for any home construction project.

Screwdriver Coming in a range of designs and styles, the use of screwdrivers stretches from installing toy batteries to building workbenches. Be mindful of the head and size of screw you are working with, as this will determine the type of screwdriver that you will need. Power drills are also extremely convenient, but can be a bit clumsy when working in tight, awkward corners.

Handsaws Though the most conventional and widely-applicable style being the carpenter saw, which is used for carving into basic woods, other forms such as the hacksaw and coping saw are designed to pierce heavy-duty textures. If anything, keep a carpenter saw around for the broad materials it can cleave. Stay aware of the type of materials you are working with and what saw is most appropriate to do the job best. Lastly, when handling the carpenter, remember to position the saw at a forty-five degree angle to ensure the cleanest incision possible.

Nails, Screws, Putty, and Glue What good is a screwdriver if you have nothing to screw? The same goes for a hammer; nails and screws are just as important to make sure you’re fully stocked with.

Another handy item that works wonders is putty. Putty is a great mini utility for a wide scope of circumstances, especially when refurbishing a room; there’s bound to be at least several ugly indents and nail holes to patch up, but after applying a little putty (while making sure it matches the walls!), the room will look good as new.

Hammer Whether it’s building a bench, bookshelf, table, or any other project that uses wood as a fundamental component, it almost goes without saying that somewhere along your home improvement misadventures, you will need a hammer.