3 Smartphone Apps that Simplify Home Maintenance

Three Smartphone Apps that Simplify Home Maintenance For interior design and home maintenance projects, it’s critical to stay organized. Without proper organization of the measurements, colors, and tools, it’s likely your project will face complications and suffer from financial pains -- which, for the most part, are avoidable. Solution? Download these smartphone apps to keep the data of your home projects all in one place, right at the reach of your fingertips.

Home Improvement Calcs Price: $1.99 Platform: Iphone & Ipad

Packed with nearly two hundred unit conversions and calculations, the Home Improvement Calcs app takes away the burden of juggling multiple measurements, fractions, and data processing by handling the messy mathematics so you don’t have to. Whether it’s assessing the amount of asphalt you’ll need, gauging the annual cost of an electrical output, or measuring the dimensions of your living room windows, the app is an affordable yet indispensable gadget to keep around for home improvement projects of any kind.

MagicPlan Price: free & premium versions available ($2.99 per property map, $9.99 for unlimited usage) Platform: Iphone & Android

Using state-of-the-art technology, the MagicPlan app configures an indoor map of your home just by snapping a pic with your smartphone. Curious to see how that couch you’ve been thinking about purchasing online would fit in your living room? Test it out by plugging in a product’s dimensions and viewing it in the digital floor plan that the app creates. For once you can leave the toolbox closed; MagicPlan gathers a room’s measurements itself - all through the phone’s camera lens.

myPANTONE Price: $9.99 Apple products, $7.99 for Android Platform: Iphone, Ipad, & Android

When designing a new home’s living room decor or just adding renovations, the color scheme is something you always want to be mindful of. With a seemingly limitless amount of shades and hues, the myPANTONE app is a pro-tool for managing the color palettes of your home furniture and decorations.