Stay Healthy During the Winter Season


Wallside-windows-wash-hands Keep it to Yourself

During the harsh winter season you constantly see people sneezing, blowing their nose, and coughing.  Where exactly is everything that came out of their mouth going?  Sometimes you see it going right into the open air, but hopefully it’s going into their hand, or the inside of their elbow.  This is the number one way to keep viruses and germs from spreading.  As long as you keep everything in your mouth from projectiling then this will save hundreds of people from becoming ill over the winter.  To prevent the virus even further from spreading, make sure you carry tissues or a handkerchief with you at all times so, it doesn’t get on your own skin.  


Keep Clean!

Even if you don’t sneeze that often, it’s important to wash your hands as many times as you can throughout the course of a day.  Anti-bacterial soap and hot water is the best way to keep clean, and not spread germs to other people.  If you’re not near a sink and a bottle of soap, then carry around a little bottle of hand sanitizer with you as an alternative.  This is important because there’s a high chance that you’re going to touch another person throughout the course of the day, and that last thing you want to have happen is that person become ill.  


While you’re keeping yourself clean, it’s also a good idea to keep clean around the house with disinfectant sprays.  Make sure you clean your brand new vinyl replacement windows from Wallside Windows as well because while they’ll look better after you clean them, it will also keep from spreading germs when the person after you goes to open the window.  


Stay Healthy

If staying fit isn’t a good enough reason to exercise and eat healthy, not getting sick should make you stay on the treadmill at the gym as well as eating those fruits and veggies.  Staying healthy equals a healthy immune system, and with great health comes getting enough sleep at night because your immune system is also affected by your sleep.  It’s easy to find any healthy food at your local grocery store at a decent cost.  Make sure throughout the course of a day you make sure that all the food groups are being covered including eating enough whole grains.   You can’t always rely on getting a flu vaccination shot every year because there isn’t enough to go around in the time that winter lasts.  It’s important to take these natural, note-worthy steps to stay away from the flu virus, and prevent it from spreading this winter season.  Keep your house as warm as possible with the help of Wallside Windows, and our selection of windows that won’t disappoint you.