The Case For Above Ground Pools vs. Inground Pools


wallside-windows-pool Why do you Want a Pool?

Before you totally write off inground pools, you have to consider why you want a pool in the first place.  While there are many more benefits to purchasing an above ground pool, inground pools can be useful for specific purposes.  If you’re into synchronized diving and swimming exercises, an above ground pool isn’t for you because it’s not deep or long enough.  The deepest an above ground pool will usually go is five feet which restricts you from diving and the diameter doesn’t usually stretch longer than 15 feet or so, which doesn’t make fun to swim extensively in.  Above ground pools are made for families to relax, float around, or perhaps to teach their young ones to swim in.  One of these reasons are why people want a pool in the first place.  


Show Me the Money

While inground pools may look nicer and increase the value of your house, they also cost sometimes five times as much just to have it installed.  The installation and kit for an above ground pool will cost you between 5,000 and 12,000 dollars while the cost range for an inground pool is between 40,000 and 70,000 dollars.  All it takes to set up an above ground pool is you and a few friends while you need to hire a specific construction company to come and dig out your whole backyard to even begin installing an inground pool.  Also, with an above ground pool you can set it up at any time of spring or summer, where with an inground pool it’s suggested that you have it only installed at the end of summer when the conditions have to be just right.  


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Family Safety

If you’re looking for the safer option between an inground and an above ground pools you’re definitely going to want to go with an above ground pool because of the fact that it’s harder to get into.  You can set up a foldable ladder with an above ground pool that you can put up and lock into place when you’re done using it for the day, but with an inground pool there’s nothing stopping a toddler from getting too close and falling in.  Although, this is a sad circumstance it has happened throughout the course of history.  You can control when your child goes in and out with an above ground pool.  Although, above ground pools may be harder to clean out, it’s worth it to know that your children are safe from stumbling it at all times.  


Make sure to have tons of fun with your above ground pool when summer comes around.  You’ll be glad you made the investment when you’re relaxing on your inflatable raft, soaking in the sun’s rays.