How to Thoroughly Clean Your Vinyl Windows

After you invest in replacement windows, it’s important to remember just a few tips to keep your new windows sparkling. While replacement windows should have lasting beauty and durability, regular cleanings can ensure that your windows stay functional and clear for years to come. For more information, check out these guidelines for cleaning your replacement vinyl windows. Easy Access While cleaning double-hung or sliding vinyl windows and replacing their treatments may seem intimidating, your replacement windows can actually be effectively cleaned and then easily snapped back into place. While double-hung vinyl windows can be turned slightly for easier access, sliding vinyl window sashes can be easily released for a comprehensive cleaning. Simply unlock the window and raise the bottom sash using the tilt latches.

Cleaning Solutions For clear and sparkling glass, gather a bucket, dish soap, water, and a soft microfiber cloth. Mix an equal amount of a high-quality dish soap and room temperature water, and use the soft cloth to clean your new windows by gently polishing in a circular motion. If your windows have water spots, use a mixture of one tablespoon of Murphy’s Oil soap to one gallon of water.

Extra Treatments If your windows have accumulated mold or mildew on the outside glass, use a mixture of vinegar and water to both dissolve any existing buildup and ward off future growth. Experienced window cleaners advise using a solution with 30% vinegar and 70% water. Simply spray the pre-mixed solution onto the window glass and lightly scrub using a cotton cloth or towel.

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