How Dual-Pane Windows Help You Conserve Energy and Save Money

There are many reasons to purchase replacement windows, but conserving energy and saving on utility costs are especially essential for many homeowners. Today, replacement windows can be custom-designed and crafted to fit your home’s specific measurements, and quick installation makes it even simpler to update your home. To learn more, read this guide to how environmentally friendly dual-pane windows can help you cut costs in the long run. Extra Insulation The key to saving money on energy costs is the unique design of dual-pane windows. With two sheets of glass in each window and a small space containing argon gas between the two panes, these innovative windows can be as much as 50 percent more efficient than their single-pane counterparts. This extra insulation keeps heat in during the winter even while it prevents UV rays from entering your home during the summer months, which lowers your energy bills year-round.

Special Glass Dual-pane windows are custom-designed using low emissivity glass. This special glass goes even further to prevent heat transfer through the windows. You can also opt to have an additional UV coating applied to your windows.

Higher Value When you purchase replacement windows, you are also making a sound investment in your property. Many prospective homeowners place a great deal of value on amenities like modern double-pane windows so they can reduce their energy bills and maintain a quieter, more comfortable environment. Investing in replacement windows can both save you money now and increase your home’s resale value later on.

Tax Breaks One great financial perk of dual-pane vinyl windows is the federal tax benefit. If you need to replace your worn-out windows, be sure to check the government’s Energy Star website to determine if your residential or commercial project qualifies for government assistance.

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