Planning an Indoor Window Box Garden

If you are in the market for new replacement windows, you probably already know you have a wide range of different window designs to choose from. While custom-created windows both give your home an elegant, personalized touch and help you precisely control the amount of noise and light that enters any space, you can truly make your windows your own with a window box garden. Read on to find out how you can grow lush foliage and flowers right underneath your windows. Select Your Flowers New windows are impressive all on their own, but planting a window box adds an extra touch. For the summer months, consider selecting colorful flowers with bold and bright blooms. If you have large bay windows with a small amount of shade, opt for flowers that do not favor direct sun, such as Impatiens. For rich foliage that will last all summer long, plant a mix of Coleus, grasses, and vines.

Create Your Window Box Window boxes are available for purchase at local home goods and hardware stores. After selecting the window boxes that fit your window’s size, shape, and design, cut a plastic trash bag to create a window box lining that keeps in soil and water. Next, add a potting mix, and carefully cut away excess plastic.

Maintain Your Garden To make sure your window box stays lush all through the summer, follow your garden store’s directions for proper watering and care. If your window box doesn’t have pre-drilled drainage holes, poke holes in the plastic lining to avoid excess moisture. Finally, consider replacing summer flowers with hardier plants when the weather cools down to keep your windows and garden looking their best.

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